Cinemela 2006


14-16 April, 2006

School of Arts & Aesthetics Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru University

New Delhi, India

14th April

Inauguration by Aruna Vasudev, Eminent Scholar and Editor of the film journal ‘Cinemaya’

Panel Discussion
‘Current Media Scenario: what is to be done?’

Prof. Purushottam Agrawal, critic
Prof. Jayati Ghosh, economist
Rakesh Sharma, Filmmaker
Uday Sahay, Dy Director General, Prasar Bharati
Sahjo Singh, filmmaker
Utpal Borpujari, film critic and journalist

MORE MEN IN BLACK/ Sudhir Gupta/ Hindi/ 30 min/Documentary
…… they also live in Delhi… … do you know them?

WHAT’S LIFE/ Sultan Ahmed/ Marathi and Hindi/ 12.30 min/Documentary
…… we Pardis are not criminal

ELEGY OF DARKNESS/Arnab Gayan/ Assamese/5.30min/ Short film
…… the meager quantity of chicken and that family

FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL/ Dakrin Bajarange (chhara)/Gujurati/20min/Docu Drama
Madaris (snake charmers) of Gujurat struggle to live

MANUFACTURED POVERY- Director’s cut/Wenceslaus Mendes & Simran Issar/Manipuri/12.26 min/Documentary
Documents the challenges imposed on the indigenous market women of the khwairamband Nupi Keithel in Manipur.

RANPHOOL/Vrushalee Gatne/Marathi/8.12min/Docu Drama
Children as labourers…

KORA RAJEE/Biju Toppo/oroan/52min./Documentary
…… when we take a sip from our cup of tea, do we realize that 80% of labour in it is of adivasis?

THE SEEDKEEPERS/Farida Pacha/telugu/29min./documentary
Looking at the transformation of Dalit women’s lives through their involvement in an ecological movement in Andhra Pradesh

KITTE MIL VE MAHI/Ajay Bharadwaj/Punjabi/72min./Documentary
……a people’s narrative of the cultural traditions of Dalits in Punjab

15th April

CITY OF PHOTOS/Nishtha Jain/Hindi and English/60min./Documentary
explores the little known ethos of neighborhood photo studios in Indian cities

CHILDREN IN THE HIDDEN WORLD/Rowshan Ara Ruksana Sarker/Bangla/29min./Docu Drama
……the new born is a girl child and everyone is happy in the brothel

PRAKASH- Travelling Cinema/Megha B. Lakhani/Gujurati and Hindi/13.39min./Documentary
……do you remember the bioscope film projector?

TRANSPOSED BODIES/Katja Pratschke/German/27min./Short Film
…when the two friends are decapitated in an accident

ANNAOTTOANNA/Clemens Pichler/German/9.30min./Short Film
Otto and Anna’s relationship is stuck in an unbearable rut……

IN SEARCH OF A JOB/Mrinal Talukdar/Assamese/14min./Documentary
Have you ever heard of elephants begging on the streets?

ME, MEERA/Subhakar/English/58min./Short Film
A walker’s guide to Hyderabad

USI SHAHJAHANPUR MEIN/Urdu and Hindi/33min./documentary
About a communal ritual performed by Secular State

STAY LIKE THIS/Sven Taddicken/German/15min./Short Film
……a young girl sppeds off to the Baltic Sea in a stolen car to bury her dead boyfriend

GO TO GO/Florin Mischa Boder/German/11min./Short Film
……the little crimes in the evening, nights spent driving around… and songs they sing together

SHADOW OF THE SUN/Reema Borah/Marathi/22min./Documentary
Based on the poetry of Arun Kolatkar

GOLI-The Marble Game/Manu/Malayalam/31min./Short Film
……there is only playground and childhood

LOADING/Raj Divakaran/no language/3min./Short Film
…video game … in an Indian Countryside

THE BAKARWAL/Asim Waqif/Laddakhi/26.42min./Documentary
… the kings of the Himalayas

HOWRAH HOWRAH/Till Passow/German and Bangla/26min./Documentary
……at Howrah station in Kolkata

16th April

JATRA JEEVAN/Kapilas Bhuyan/Oriya/50 min./Documentary
……the Jatra is not only a ritual performance

LAKE OF DESPAIR/Sneharis Das/Kashmiri and Hindi/31min./Documentary
In the Dal Lake……

ZULM AUR AMAN/Daljit Ami/Urdu/6min/Video
……do we need war?

SKY FILM/Jiska Rickels/German/15min./Short Film
What was the sky like when you were a child?…

EK THA LAL PARI/Rajdeep Randhava/Hindi/46min/Documentary
What dries an eunuch to want to live with a man as wife?…..

WAITING/Atul Gupta and Shabnam Ara/Kashmiri/39min/Documentary
……surviving in Kashmir

USKA AANA/Anwar Jamal and Sahjo Singh/Hindi/33min/Documentary
……she is not welcome

FREE CHOICE/Daniel Kunle, Immo Ludemann/German/6min./Documentary
…a continuous documentary

THE STORY OF SUNI/Subas Das/Oriya/5.52min./Short Film
……don’t you feel sad when the sun sets?

THE SCHOOLBOY/Edina Kontsek/German/7min./Short Film
…Ideally Paul would prefer to stay in bed today

ENCOUNTER/Suraj Duwarah/no language/1.50min./Short Film

CTRL + ALT + DEL/Saurabh Gupta/English/25min/Short Film
Everbody has a story. This one begins at the end

THE GIRL WITH THE MUSIC BOX/ Aruna Nair/English/18.32min./Short Film
… in a school…

DO THE DEW/Debshish Bharadwaj/English/6min./Short Film
… the value of commodity and consumption

TALKS/Mickel Rentsch/German/18min./Short Film
… a bus stops

SAAH/Simran K.S. Lamba/Bangla/9.27min./Short film
…they are old.. they must go…

SMALL CHANGE/Marc Andreas Bochert/German/15min./Short Film
… a businessman and homeless..

GROWING METRE/Ignacio Sanchez Bravo/Spanish/1min/Short Film
… don’t be so selfish

RAKT TILAK/Manoj Jha/Maithili/29min/Short Film
…they are also living beings

THIS IS MY NOCTURNE/Anirban Dutta/29.38min./Docu Drama
A few forgotten nocturnal liaisons… unseen, uninhabited…

A collection of one minute long short films from across the globe on the love of football

Supported by

JNU Students’ Union                             


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